Kolapore wilderness trails

Still poor to fair conditions

18 Jan 2021 6:55 PM | Anonymous

Although the character of the snow has changed slightly since my post on Friday, I would still rate the ski conditions as generally poor, with some less used trails being fair.  The tracks are bumpy and often washed out. Hills on heavily-used trails will be treacherous.  Over the weekend we had a few cm of snow, but we really need in the order of 10 cm to significantly improve conditions.  If you want to do some safe, enjoyable skiing over the next few days, both Scenic Caves and Highlands Nordic have excellent conditions at the moment.  Kolapore Trail Guide    


  • 18 Jan 2021 7:36 PM | Anonymous
    Have to agree. Trails were rough. Also, lots of footprints on the tracks. That may have been skiers walking it in. I doubt it though. Signage couldn’t make it any clearer: Only Cross Country Skiing.
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