Kolapore wilderness trails

Jan 16 trail conditions - enjoyable skiing on rock skis

16 Jan 2022 6:29 PM | Anonymous

Kolapore received 4+ cm of snow several days ago, and this significantly improved conditions.  Snow cover is still thin, particularly on rocky trails.  I did a short ski at the south end of Trail to the Summit today, and was pleased to find that the wet areas are generally frozen.  This suggests our wetter trails are (or soon will be) skiable. The Kolapore parking lot was plowed several days ago by a volunteer (we are still trying to find a contractor).  The Metcalfe Rock parking lot has not been plowed, but can be used by vehicles with decent clearance.  The County Forest trails are still closed because of logging.  Kolapore Trail Guide


  • 18 Jan 2022 4:55 PM | Stephen Couchman Catherine Smart (Administrator)
    Skied Quiet Pasture and Southern Cross on Saturday. The swamp is all frozen and the trail has been well-cleared. Thank you trail fairies.
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