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Jan 7: A bit over 20 cm of snow - still thin for Kolapore

06 Jan 2022 7:16 PM | Anonymous

Kolapore received about 12 cm of snow Wednesday, plus a few cm Thursday and Friday.  The heavy snowfall that hit Collingwood bypassed Kolapore.  The base is a bit over 20 cm, most of which is light powder.  That's thin for Kolapore skiing - rock skis would be essential.  The Kolapore parking lot was cleared Thursday by one of our dedicated volunteers.  We are still looking for an affordable contractor to carry out the work on an ongoing basis.  There is no snow removal at the Metcalfe Rock parking lot.  Logging is continuing in the County Forest, so the trails there are closed.  Kolapore Trail Guide


  • 06 Jan 2022 10:35 PM | trail updates
    I Skied it today…. Rocks are hidden under the beautiful light powder snow and skiing was quite precarious at times, so rock skis and skiing with caution are definitely essential.
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    • 07 Jan 2022 5:14 PM | Anonymous
      Anyone skied it on Friday after big snowfall? If so would love an update re conditions
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