Kolapore wilderness trails

Good skiing Christmas afternoon

25 Dec 2020 11:48 PM | Anonymous

I skied in the County Forest and the south end of the Kingsway and John's Portage trails this afternoon, and the skiing was very pleasant.  At 3 PM the snow gauge was at 25 cm - about 10 cm of crust, and 15 cm of new snow.  There has been at least 7 cm of snow since then, and it's still snowing hard at 10 PM.  Skiing on Saturday should be good.  My two cautions are that there will still be spots where you will encounter rocks, and there are wet spots.  Be sure to take a scraper with you.  I would avoid the wettest trails - south end of Trail to the Summit and the cedar swamp on Quiet Pastures.  Kolapore Trail Guide

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