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  • 23 Jan 2021 6:11 PM | Anonymous

    Saturday was a busy day on the Kolapore trails.  The Kolapore parking lot was full by 9:30 and other parking locations were busy too.  If you are planning to ski on Sunday you should have a backup strategy if your preferred parking location is full.  Ski conditions today were generally good, although some very popular sections were getting packed down by late in the day - no new snow today.  If you are thinking of exploring more remote parts of the system, Southern Crossing is generally good, Trail to the Summit has quite a few wet spots in the south end, and the cedar swamp on Quiet Pastures has "bushwack" skiing - wet spots and fallen trees.

  • 22 Jan 2021 9:58 AM | Anonymous

    Kolapore received more than 15 cm of new snow Thursday night/Friday morning.   Kolapore only received about 1 cm of snow Friday night, so the information below about parking is still relevant.  Great skiing on Friday, and it was very beautiful with the snow hanging on the trees.  Some trails still have wet spots - e.g., the south end of Trail to the Summit still had "dodge and weave" areas, and that's probably true on parts of Quiet Pastures.  The parking lot at Kolapore is plowed, although not completely because parked vehicles blocked the snowblower.  I hear that the parking lot at Metcalfe Rock has been plowed.  Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 20 Jan 2021 8:30 AM | Anonymous

    Kolapore has received 12 cm of snow in the period Monday night through Wednesday morning.  Conditions are substantially improved.  Much of the trail will rate at least "good", although some heavily used (or abused) areas will be "fair"  There are more bumps and moguls than usual, probably as a result of the heavy use during a period with little new snow.  The Kolapore parking lot was plowed today (Wednesday) and is in good condition.  Let's hope for more snow.  Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 18 Jan 2021 6:55 PM | Anonymous

    Although the character of the snow has changed slightly since my post on Friday, I would still rate the ski conditions as generally poor, with some less used trails being fair.  The tracks are bumpy and often washed out. Hills on heavily-used trails will be treacherous.  Over the weekend we had a few cm of snow, but we really need in the order of 10 cm to significantly improve conditions.  If you want to do some safe, enjoyable skiing over the next few days, both Scenic Caves and Highlands Nordic have excellent conditions at the moment.  Kolapore Trail Guide    

  • 15 Jan 2021 7:43 PM | Anonymous

    The warmer conditions today (Friday) softened the base, and it was safer to use the trails.  However, conditions were still poor to fair - tracks were washed out and hills have been scraped slick by skiers snowplowing.  The heavily used areas (much of the north end and parts of the south end) were poor.  Some more lightly used trails were fair.  The trails desperately need a significant amount of snow in order to provide decent skiing.  If we just get cold weather they will turn to ice.  Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 12 Jan 2021 10:42 AM | Anonymous

    Kolapore received a layer of freezing drizzle overnight.  All the trails will be icy.  Skiing at Kolapore is probably a bad idea at the moment.  Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 11 Jan 2021 4:23 PM | Anonymous

    Kolapore has not received any significant snow in the past 10 days, and the trails have received heavy use.  As a result the trails are quite "beaten down" in many sections.  Most hills have been heavily snowplowed and are very fast.  North end trails are probably only suitable for hard-core Kolapore skiers who like challenges.  South end trails are in better shape, but even there the small hills are fast, and the track is washed out in some areas (for example, coming in at the east end of the County Forest).   Off-track skiing is pleasant - there is a good base and the snow has consolidated enough that you won't sink too far.    Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 02 Jan 2021 9:45 PM | Stephen Couchman Catherine Smart (Administrator)

    This is a minor update of a conditions post from last Saturday.  There has only been a dusting of snow since then, and the trails have been heavily used.   Most trails are well tracked in with icy glazed sections. It's super fast for experienced skiers but can be treacherous and unforgiving. Take it easy and be safe. Pick your route accordingly. It is strongly recommended that less experienced or more cautious skiers do not start at the Kolapore parking lot.  The standard loop from the parking lot has some treacherous sections, and the track is washed out in many areas.  The County Forest trails are still suitable for most skiers.   Trails will only get faster until we get some new snow.  Side Note: Trail usage is way way up but donations at the parking lot are down. Keep in mind that everything at Kolapore is accomplished through donations and the work of volunteers. The plowing, toilets, trail clearing, bridge construction, signage, insurance and construction take place 100% through trail community memberships and contributions. Support your local trail fairies. Give what you can.

  • 02 Jan 2021 10:12 AM | Anonymous

    Overnight Kolapore received about 5 cm of new snow.  This will help to soften the trails, which were getting to be very firm and fast.  Note the cautions that Stephen outlined in the preceding post.

  • 01 Jan 2021 7:02 PM | Stephen Couchman Catherine Smart (Administrator)

    Trails are all well tracked in, fast and a little unforgiving. Take it easy out there. Please if you decide not to ski a hill, do not walk on the track. The holes you leave make it very dangerous for other skiers. County Forest sections are recommended for best experience. Hopefully fresh snow over next few days will improve on our solid base. Note: Cars that park too close to the corners at Grey Rd. 2 and Town Line are being ticketed. Also please do not leave valuables in your cars.   

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