Kolapore wilderness trails

  • 19 Sep 2021 5:43 PM | Anonymous

    Logging has started in the western portion of the County Forest, and there are almost no trails available for public use.  The County has officially restricted public access to the area.  The current expectation is that logging may not be completed until early 2022. The Kolapore Trails Association will be working with the County to see if there is a way that sections of the trails could be reopened once logging has been completed.  However, remedial work will likely be needed on some segments of the trail, and we aren't sure when that will take place. 

  • 27 Jan 2021 10:53 PM | Anonymous

    The Blue Mountains OPP detachment has issued two recent news releases about thefts from vehicles parked at trail heads in December 2020 and January 2021.   These thefts have occurred at a variety of locations, and several of them occurred at Kolapore parking areas.  The thieves have gained access by breaking windows.  The OPP recommends that you lock your vehicle and conceal any valuable items.  Better yet, leave them at home.

  • 24 Dec 2020 9:09 PM | Anonymous

    A new Kolapore Trail map was released at the very end of 2020.  The trails have not changed significantly.  Information related to parking and some other issues has been updated. 

  • 18 Jan 2018 5:10 PM | Kevin Walsh Lisa Pottier (Administrator)
    Because there are a substantial number of bridges on the Kolapore Uplands trail system, every year we try to do maintenance work on several of them.  In 2017 and 2018 we carried out repairs to the bridge at intersection 58, plus in 2018 we upgraded part of the bridge on the Kolapore Church trail.  In 2019 there will be several repair projects, although we are currently in the process of deciding what the priorities are.   

  • 25 Oct 2017 5:11 PM | Kevin Walsh Lisa Pottier (Administrator)

    The Association pays the full cost of a portable toilet at the main Kolapore parking lot. We need your financial support if this is to continue. You can donate at the donation station beside the toilet, or use the online donation option on our Donate webpage.

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