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  • 23 Jan 2019 8:00 PM | Anonymous

    Kolapore received about 10 cm of snow overnight and in the morning.   In the afternoon the temperature went up to +4, and we had some rain.  When the temperature drops there will be a significant ice crust.  I think we will need at least 5 cm of snow to make skiing enjoyable.  Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 21 Jan 2019 9:58 AM | Anonymous

    Winter has really arrived!  Since my last post on Saturday Kolapore has received about 10 cm of snow, and the snow gauge is now up to 30 cm.    Although you may still encounter the odd rock, conditions should be good.  In the short term be prepared to "break trail" on the less-used trails.  The Kolapore parking lot on Grey Road 2 has been plowed.  Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 19 Jan 2019 10:16 AM | Anonymous

    Kolapore has received about 5 cm of powder over the past 36 hours.  This will help to freshen the trails a bit, although we need a serious dump of snow to get all the trails into good condition.  Rock skis are still recommended.  An ATV has chewed up the west end of Paradise Highway, and Northwest Passage above Metcalfe Rock.  Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 18 Jan 2019 8:00 AM | Anonymous

    Kolapore received about 1 cm of snow overnight, and it's snowing lightly at 8 AM.  Trails were very fast yesterday - the new snow will help a bit.  The snow cover is still thin.  The snow gauge is at 20 cm (8"), which means that rock skis are still strongly recommended.  Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 16 Jan 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    Kolapore received a significant amount of freezing drizzle yesterday, so there is a noticeable crust.  There is 1 - 2 cm of powder on top of the crust.  I did a short ski in the County Forest and found that the trails were fast but skiable.   (There's just enough fresh snow that hard grip wax worked.)  Hills could be very fast.  These are not the conditions for your first visit to Kolapore.  There are a lot of twigs and branches down - please help us by removing branches where possible.    Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 12 Jan 2019 5:52 PM | Stephen Couchman Catherine Smart (Administrator)

    Thanks to everyone who has been out breaking trails. Are there rock? For sure. Use caution on hills and maybe walk down or up places like Metcalf Rock section. South end, Quiet Pasture loop is better than main Paradise Highway trail. Think about going to check out the new bridge at intersection 58. Another 15cm would be great but we are finally skiing.

  • 11 Jan 2019 7:45 PM | Douglas Norman
    11 Jan 2019 7:39 PM | Douglas Norman

    Friday 11am. What an amazing day. County forest from Old Water Plant to the South Entry.Beautiful blue sky and trail covered with lots of untracked Champagne Powder & no rocks anywhere. On some parts of the trail that were wide enough I was even able to twin the track. I hope that is OK. Awesome! As Good as it gets for me anyway.

  • 10 Jan 2019 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    Since the rain and thaw on Monday and Tuesday, Kolapore has received about 20 cm of beautiful powder snow.  The base was significantly reduced or eliminated by the thaw.  This morning we broke trail through County Forest - Kingsway - Jackrabbbit - John's Portage.  County Forest was very pleasant, although there are still some wet areas.  The more northerly loop was fair to good.  The main problem was that we hit a lot of rocks and added a lot of scratches to our rock skis.  It will be somewhat better for subsequent skiers, because it will be easier to see where the rocks are lurking.  Gaiters are strongly recommended.  Kolapore Trail Guide 

  • 08 Jan 2019 10:41 PM | Anonymous

    In spite of the rain yesterday and today, there is still a base of snow in the bush at Kolapore.  However, it is thin, and ski conditions would be poor almost everywhere.  We desperately need new snow.  The area had very high winds yesterday, so there are likely to be numerous branches down on the trails, and possibly some trees.  Please help us by tossing branches off the trail where possible.  If more work is needed, send an e-mail to info@kolaporetrails.org   Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 06 Jan 2019 8:00 AM | Anonymous

    As of 8 AM Kolapore has received 6 cm of new snow overnight, and it's still snowing.  There may be some passable skiing in selected areas, although rock skis are recommended.  Kolapore Trail Guide

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