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  • 05 Feb 2019 2:15 PM | Anonymous

    Kolapore had warm conditions (+8) and heavy rain yesterday.  With the drop in temperatures the trails are now icy.  I would recommend staying off the trails until we get some new snow.  I think we will still have a decent base in the forest, but it is possible that in some open areas the trails will have little or no snow cover.  Kolapore Trail Guide 

  • 03 Feb 2019 10:43 AM | Anonymous

    At 9 AM it's a bit above freezing.  There's lots of snow, and decent tracks, but there is also rain in the forecast for today (and even more tomorrow).  

  • 31 Jan 2019 8:36 PM | Stephen Couchman Catherine Smart (Administrator)

    Main Paradise Highway loop and Wild Mouse have been broken in. Parking lot has been ploughed and in good condition. Get out tomorrow if you can. It should be extraordinary. Extra trail karma points for the first person around Northwest Passage. Remember, the Trail Association pays for all trail maintenance along with ploughing and toilet rental. Please leave a little something at the donation station to help us out. 

  • 31 Jan 2019 10:28 AM | Anonymous

    I'm afraid these posts are getting repetitious - another 8 cm overnight and this morning.  In short:  lots of snow, cold and windy, parking and driving may be challenging, prepare to break trail.  And get out before the melt on Sunday - Monday.  Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 30 Jan 2019 10:46 AM | Anonymous

    Kolapore received another 4 cm of snow overnight, which adds to the 8 cm we received on Monday night.  The snow gauge is up to 47 cm (18").  Trails should be in great condition, although you may need to do some trail breaking.  I skied on Polar wax this morning - not much glide with the cold snow. The Kolapore parking lot on Grey Road 2 was plowed yesterday.  Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 29 Jan 2019 9:30 AM | Anonymous

    As I post this at 9:30 AM, Kolapore has received about 8 cm of snow over the past 24 hours.  More is predicted. If you don't mind a bit of trail breaking, skiing should be great. Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 28 Jan 2019 7:07 PM | Stephen Couchman Catherine Smart (Administrator)

    After all that skiing this weekend it looks like we are back to breaking trail. What a shame:o) Full-on blizzard right now with 15-20cm predicted. Make plans to get out once this dies down. It's going to be epic conditions.

  • 26 Jan 2019 7:59 PM | Stephen Couchman Catherine Smart (Administrator)

    All trails including NW Passage well broken-in. New snow has made all the difference. Thanks to trail breakers today tomorrow should be a classic Kolapore day. Take care. Bring a map, treats and water. Ski until you've achieved half your happiness and then work your way out. 

  • 26 Jan 2019 5:16 PM | Anonymous

    Based on a long ski today, I can report that snow/track conditions are generally quite good.  The thaw and rain on Wednesday did less damage than expected.  We retained virtually all the base, and the snow gauge is up to 35 cm.  There is about 5 cm of new snow on top of the crust.  The poorest conditions are under conifers, where there is more crust and less fresh snow on top.  There are still a few wet spots and rocks, so appropriate caution is recommended.  Kolapore Trail Guide  

  • 25 Jan 2019 8:00 PM | Anonymous

    Over the past 24 hours Kolapore has received about 5 cm of new snow.  We didn't receive the squalls that some local areas (e.g., Scenic Caves) received.  The snow we did get is enough to make some of the trails skiable - covering up the icy tracks from the thaw on Wednesday.  In the short term I would avoid the steeper hills.  Kolapore Trail Guide   

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