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  • 29 Jan 2012 10:32 AM | Anonymous
    Kolapore has received over 15 cm of snow in the past 24 hours.  Skiing should be excellent today.  On the less used trail you should be prepared to "break trail" - wear your gaiters.
  • 27 Jan 2012 3:55 PM | Anonymous
    The following observations are based on a ski around the County Forest that I just completed.  There is 17 cm (7 - 8") of snow at the snow gauge, of which about 5 cm is newer snow on top of the crust.  The newer snow is quite wet, so the skiing is sluggish at the moment.  Fortunately, I think all the precipitation last night came as snow.  In the County Forest most of the rocks are covered and there isn't much in the way of wet spots.  Skiing will still be rougher on most other trails.  The wind storm brought some branches down - please help other skiers by picking up where possible.  If you come across a large branch or a tree down, please post the info here or send an e-mail to info@kolaporetrails.org, so that we can fix the problem if it is possible. 
    Kolapore Trail Guide   
  • 24 Jan 2012 12:04 PM | Anonymous
    Kolapore was subject to the general thaw yesterday, and at the time I'm writing (10 AM) there has been about 1 - 2 cm of new snow.  I strongly recommend staying off the Kolapore trails until there is substantial additional snow - they will be icy and rutted.  I will do another posting as soon as there is more snow.  I encourage others to post information on the trails as well.  Kolapore Trail Guide 
  • 19 Jan 2012 10:30 PM | Anonymous
    Kolapore was subject to the general southern Ontario thaw that happened mid-week, and had some rain.  This created a very hard base.  Since the rain, there has been about 20 cm of new snow. so conditions are looking promising for Friday and the weekend.  
  • 15 Jan 2012 12:07 AM | Anonymous
    Last night Kolapore received about 8 cm of snow.  The Kolapore snow gauge is up to 22 cm.  Skiing in the southern parts of the trail system was quite good today, although rock skis are still strongly recommended.  I would avoid rocky trails until we get more snow.  We tried to ski across Southern Crossing, but west of the 10th line snow conditions under the cedars are poor.  The same is probably true on Trail to the Summit and Quiet Pastures.        
  • 11 Jan 2012 1:29 AM | Anonymous
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  • 06 Jan 2012 12:05 PM | Anonymous
    There is about 20 cm of snow in the bush.  After this is packed down by skiers, the actual base is about 5 cm.  This is still a bit thin for Kolapore skiing.  Skiing is not bad in the less rocky areas (like County Forest), and yesterday the loop up to 15 via Kingsway, Jackrabbit and John's Portage was quite pleasant (on rock skis).  Popular trails like Paradise Highway - Kolapore Church are getting beaten down, and have rocky and wet areas.  Trails that go through confer forests (like Southern Crossing and Quiet Pastures) are likely to be quite poor, because the trees keep the snow off the ground.  Pray for cold weather and snow! 
  • 26 Dec 2011 5:43 PM | Anonymous
    There is currently about 5 cm of snow at Kolapore, which is nowhere near enough to ski on. The forecast is for variable conditions over the next week. I'll post again when conditions improve.
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