Kolapore wilderness trails

Sunday Jan 12 - less freezing rain, more snow than expected

12 Jan 2020 12:04 PM | Anonymous

Yesterday was interesting weatherwise.  Heavy rain in the morning washed away most of the remaining snow.  Midafternoon it switched to freezing rain.  About 9 PM it changed to snow.  Kolapore received 10+ cm of snow.  The bottom half is "cement" snow (very dense) and the top is powder.   There may be just enough snow to permit skiing on old lanes (e.g., the County Forest).  There could be some wet holes on the trails.  The sideroads at the south end are plowed, so there is a safe place to park.  I wouldn't try to get into the Kolapore parking lot until it is plowed.  Based on what I observed in my driveway, there are likely to be lots of branches down.  Please help with the pickup.  

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