Kolapore wilderness trails

Trail conditions Feb 24, 2012

24 Feb 2012 2:27 PM | Anonymous
Kolapore has received about 5 cm of snow overnight and today, and there is a blizzard as I write this posting at 12:30.  There is a crust under the new snow, but if we get as much as is predicted, there should be good skiing this weekend.   I was delighted to see that someone else did a posting last weekend - please follow their lead.  (I didn't do a posting because I was away cross-country skiing in the Laurentians and in the Quebec City area.  Quebec has so many fabulous trails, and many areas have good snow conditions.  There is a metre+ of snow a short drive north of Quebec City.)   Kolapore Trail Guide  


  • 25 Feb 2012 9:30 AM | MM
    THank you sincerely for this report. Am in Toronto desperate for one ski anyway before this winter ends. Can not replace someones eyes reporting from the scene.
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