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Jan 27 Ski Conditions

27 Jan 2012 3:55 PM | Anonymous
The following observations are based on a ski around the County Forest that I just completed.  There is 17 cm (7 - 8") of snow at the snow gauge, of which about 5 cm is newer snow on top of the crust.  The newer snow is quite wet, so the skiing is sluggish at the moment.  Fortunately, I think all the precipitation last night came as snow.  In the County Forest most of the rocks are covered and there isn't much in the way of wet spots.  Skiing will still be rougher on most other trails.  The wind storm brought some branches down - please help other skiers by picking up where possible.  If you come across a large branch or a tree down, please post the info here or send an e-mail to info@kolaporetrails.org, so that we can fix the problem if it is possible. 
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