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Saturday March 16 - We're not done yet!

16 Mar 2019 12:34 PM | Stephen Couchman Catherine Smart (Administrator)

14 inches measure at the snow gauge including 2 of fresh powder over crusty base this morning. A little slow going and rocks poking through in some sections but still quite skiable. Liquid glide on the no-wax rock skis. Don't plan to set your record for the Church Loop or ski Red Death for the first time this season but it's all about the base and we still have one. 


  • 17 Mar 2019 9:06 AM | trail updates
    Church loop was actually pretty good Saturday afternoon. ....then 2 snowshoers went it to the left (up wild mouse and down the other hill back to Church) and then later two walkers went in to the right and punched rather large holes in the trail at times. Hills will likely be quite a bit trickery now. Only fresh snow can fix such damage which is less likely this time of year. Please..skiers only! Anything else will dramatically damage the trails and render them dangerous at times.
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