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Fri Feb 8 PM update

08 Feb 2013 5:30 PM | Anonymous
 After skiing on the trails this afternoon, I thought I should provide a short update.  I checked the Kolapore snow gauge at 3 PM, and it was at 31 cm (12").  It has snowed hard since then.  I think we have received about 20 cm in the past 24 hours.  Because most of the snow on the trails is new powder snow, skis sink through the snow to the ground.  You are likely to occasionally hit rocks - rock skis are strongly recommended.  You may also encounter the occasional wet spot.  Be prepared to break trail tomorrow.
There is a good chance that the Kolapore (Entrance N) parking lot won't be plowed tomorrow (Saturday), at least initially.  The Grey County Roads Department plows this as a public service.  They are likely to have other plowing priorities tomorrow.   
As I mentioned in the previous post, logging has been completed at the east end of the County Forest.  Based on conditions I observed today, I strongly recommend that that you avoid the trails in this area.  The ruts left by the heavy logging equipment will make skiing in this area unpleasant. 
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