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Feb 6 PM Update

06 Feb 2013 8:10 PM | Anonymous
Since my posting on Monday, Kolapore has received about 2 cm of new snow.  The total snow cover is still thin for Kolapore skiing.  The forecast for Thursday night and Friday is promising a substantial amount of snow, so there may be good Kolapore skiing on the weekend. 
Given the scarcity of snow, I headed off to try two other trails today - Sawmill Trails at Hepworth, and the Sauble Beach ski trails.  Both of them have a lot more snow than Kolapore.   The Sawmill trails have close to 50cm of snow in the forest.  However, I don't think the Sawmill trails would appeal to most Kolapore skiers - the entire 10 km trail network is groomed for skating as well as classic skiing.  The trails are real highways, although they do have some decent hills.  In contrast, the Sauble Beach trails are groomed for narrow single track skiing. They are so narrow that my pruning hand wanted to get to work clearing them to Kolapore standards... Kolapore skiers would feel at home on these trails. 
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